DIY button magnets

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What do you do with the extra buttons that come with shirts, suits, etc. when you buy them? I put them in a jar thinking one day when I need that button I can look through the jar, find it and replace it. Well, that was my plan until one day I actually needed one of those buttons - I sorted through the button jar, found the one I needed and then realized I don't have a needle and thread nor do I have any desire to put a new button on this old shirt of mine. Knowing I was not going to use these buttons for their actual purpose I began brainstorming ideas... there was no way I was going to throw out a bunch of perfectly good buttons after-all.

And so, the button magnet idea was born!
This is likely the simplest DIY you will ever do, but they look awesome when they are done.

You will need: buttons (quantity is up to you), magnets (I would suggest keeping ones off of a fridge notepad when it runs out or using a thin fridge magnet you already have but don't mind "losing" to the project), scissors and a hot glue gun with hot glue.
An added bonus to this project is it won't cost you anything unless you decide to buy magnet strips!

Find a few buttons that you can layer together. One you have your patterns in place, use the hot glue gun to gel the buttons together.
Lastly, cut the magnet to a size that will fit on the back of your buttons and glue the magnet on the back.

And, voila! You have a button magnet.
For more variations you can always paint your buttons, add materials etc. I choose to stick with the buttons I had on hand to keep this project as simple as possible. I was really pleased with the decorative result now displayed on my fridge.

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