A Clean Home is a Happy Home - Spring Cleaning

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A Clean Home is a Happy Home - Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning doesn't get me excited, but the thought of organization and the smell of fabreeze in the air does seem to have some appeal to it! I think Gina said it right, when she said "there is something about a plan that makes a huge task seem more do-able".  

We haven't started a full-out spring clean at my house yet (and by "we" I really mean the Mr.), but I know it is right around the corner! I have several closets that need organizing, cupboards that have more junk than actual food and too many storage areas being used for random stuff! To get myself going I asked some fellow bloggers for some "Spring Cleaning" inspiration and here is what they had to say:

1) Have a Spring Cleaning Plan - East Coast Mommy Blog

2) Get the kids involved - Country Parent Blog

I particularly like this one and completely agree (now that I am the parent and not the child...) that kids should be able to help out and do some things for themselves. Lucky for me, my Little Dude is taking after the Mr. and loves helping out with laundry, dishes, sweeping and dusting! 
A Clean Home is a Happy Home - Spring Cleaning

3) Use household goods as cleaning products: Bubble Bath & Vinegar - Everything Unscripted Blog

4) Make a Schedule - A Young Mum Blog

Making a schedule builds off the first suggestion of having a plan and takes it one step further... those who know me well know that I love schedules and spreadsheets! I am pretty happy Janine made this printable schedule and think I am going to attempt to follow it through April. Are you with me?! 

Last but not least, if you are looking for the right mop for the job and other cleaning tips and tricks here are two links that are sure to be helpful:
The Mr's Favorite Mops by There's a Shoe for That Blog (yep, that's me!)
Cleaning How-To by DIY Passion Blog

Do you have any tips for Spring Cleaning? I would love to hear them! Leave a comment or connect with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Happy Cleaning!

My shoes for that: Dust Mop Slippers (only $14.50 for three pairs!)
A Clean Home is a Happy Home - Spring Cleaning


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