Our First Staycation {Miramichi, NB}

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Our First Staycation {Miramichi, NB}
Photo credit: @discovermiramichi via Instagram
When the Mr. and I started narrowing down the places to test out for our first staycation Miramichi, NB kept shooting to the top of the list. And so, we didn't try to swim against the current and we went to Miramichi!

Miramichi is such a great place for a staycation... and a vacation for that matter! For those us who reside in northern New Brunswick, Miramichi is a southern retreat without straying too far from home, while for those living in larger centers in the southern part of New Brunswick, PEI or Nova Scotia it is a great getaway location with city amenities and country charm.
Our First Staycation {Miramichi, NB}
Photo credit: @adamcomeau123 via Instagram
We arrived Friday evening in time to stop by NB Liquor to check out the wine selection, check into our hotel (Rodd Miramichi River) and get prettied up for a nice dinner at Restaurant 1809.

Dinner was good, but i have to admit as we sat in the restaurant looking out the window at the Centennial Bridge our conversation turned to San Francisco. A few vacations ago we ate a restaurant called Water Bar - the restaurant, like this one overlooks the water and a bridge...only the Bay Bridge in San Francisco has lights on it that seemingly go to music. I'm not sure if this is possible but wouldn't this be a "WOW" factor to add to the already lovely scenery in Miramichi?! 

We got up bright and early on Saturday, not as early as this fisherman, but early enough to stop by the Water Street Farmer's Market to admire all the local talent and handy-work before heading to Mill Cove Coffee on the Newcastle side of town (the north side of the river for those who are not familiar with the local lingo)
Our First Staycation {Miramichi, NB}
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I ordered a maple latte which was tasty, but quite sweet - if you don't love maple I would suggest trying the honey or vanilla options instead as the maple flavour is quite strong.

Our First Staycation {Miramichi, NB}
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Unfortunately it rained for the rest of the weekend in Miramichi so we missed out on a few activities I had planned, such as hiking through French Fort Cove and visiting Ritchie Wharf Park. The good news is, rainy weather is a perfect excuse to shop (not that I needed one...). 

Luckily I had prepared for the possible bad weather before we left home and contacted the man who would know exactly how to guide us. His Worship, Mayor Adam Lordon went to university with the Mr. and I and graciously gave us a list of things to do, places to see and where to eat.

The Mayor's Picks

Our First Staycation {Miramichi, NB}
Photo credit: @adamcomeau123 via Instagram
We went to all of the locations, shops and restaurants and were very impressed by each spot. The shops had a very good variety of home decor, unique children's toys, furniture and more. I was even fortunate to find the dessert bowls to match my dishes at the pharmacy/home decor store downtown near Mill Cove Coffee! I really want to come back to Miramichi another time and do one of the classes at Crackle and Teal - I love everything in the store and love the idea of learning how to paint furniture correctly, or learning how to create something I could give as a gift or have in my home.

Saturday night we went to O'Donaghue's early enough to have dinner and get a table before the crowd started to arrive for the live music, but late enough the miss the "actual dinner" crowd. Our plan worked out perfectly and we arrived (after stopping for a rainy selfie on the way) just as another table was leaving.
Our First Staycation {Miramichi, NB}
The pub had a great atmosphere and was the perfect place to watch the third period of the hockey game, get a nice cold beer and enjoy our first Saturday out of the house, by ourselves, in nearly two years! I have to say that when I was picturing our staycation, all the things we might do, what we might see and where we might go I never once pictured myself at a pub wearing rubber boots. But there I was, happy as a clam wearing my rubber boots on my Saturday night date. Side Note: I was not the only person at the pub with rubber boots on! haha

Our First Stay-Cation {Miramichi, NB}
Even with the rain, we had a great staycation in Miramichi! We will certainly be back, likely with Little Dude in tow to check out everything we missed (and probably do more shopping...)

My shoes for that: UGG Rubber Boots


  1. Great post Jenna. Makes me want to visit the miramichi for a night or two as well 😊

  2. Love this. We were there eons ago, but would love to go back and visit it again!

    1. I'm sure everyone in Miramichi would be happy to have you return! The Irish festival is July 20-23... I hear it's a great time to visit!


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