3:00:00 AM

Finding Our Home

We have had our home for just over a month now and things are finally starting to come together. We finally having dining room chairs in ...
4:00:00 AM

Mr. Black's Little Book

It just occurred to me that I haven't posted a red wine in forever! AND even more importantly that there is less than 130 days until Ch...
4:00:00 AM

Twenty Bees Pinot Grigio

Name: Twenty Bees Varietal: Pinot Grigio Country: Canada (Ontario) Vintage: 2015 Price: $13.00 Why did I decide to try this wine?  I w...
4:00:00 AM

FestiVille Baddeck

The good thing about writing about an event is that it's fresh in your mind and you can give some honest feedback right away. On the o...
3:00:00 AM

Kempt Road Waterfall

In Point-à-la-Croix, Quebec only about 5-10 minutes from Campbellton, NB hidden down a road is a beautiful, yet  unexpected  trail wh...
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