Baby's Organized IKEA Dresser

10:02:00 AM
With all of the excitement of the new IKEA store in Halifax, Nova Scotia I can't help but join in on the craze!

Two years ago I was VERY pregnant right about now and was in full nursery organization mode... I had (of course) been on pinterest for months trying to determine the best way to organize baby clothes, diapers, wipes, receiving blankets and all the other stuff that comes with a newborn. I can across this post about Nursery Dresser Organization from Chelsea that became my inspiration for an organized nursery storage system.

Little Dude's nursery was not big enough to fit the 8 drawer Hemnes Dresser, but we were able to make do with the 3 drawer version quite well! In fact, we are still using the dresser 2 years later with a similar organization method...just bigger clothes and bigger diapers.

Here's a look inside Little Dude's 3 drawer Hemnes Dresser:

Facebook Live - Filmed/Posted the day before (Sept 26, 2017) the Halifax location officially opened

Little Dude's Nursery Furniture
My shoes for that: Sweedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandal

This post is NOT sponsored 
I simply love IKEA products and wanted to share Little Dude's furniture with all of you



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