Monday, October 30, 2017

Dining Room Reveal

dining room
With every new home or new project there is always one thing that inspires the entire space. It’s that one item that you see and picture immediately in your space, something that suits you and will inspire the style for everything else to come.

I have followed Addison’s Wonderland (Brittany Hayes) on Instagram for quite a while now and have loved learning about her design decisions in her previous home and now through their historic wonderland. In one of her posts she talked about the chandelier in her foyer as the inspiration for the space, the ombré staircase and really the entire house. I didn’t take it quite as far, but in my case it all started with a dining room table.

I saw this table about a year ago - long before we started house hunting and long before we bought a house. It is one of those pieces that stuck with me. No matter all the other tables I looked at I couldn’t get this one out of my head, and can you blame me?!
dining room
the table in it's natural habitat... at  Carpet Ranch
dining room
I love how it brings elements of nature inside with its living edge finish (otherwise known as freeform), but yet has a sheek modern feel with the acrylic legs. Not to mention all the different tones of acacia wood that accent the kitchen, hardwood floors and style of our home. The acacia wood itself is processed in the traditional Malaysian way by letting it cure in the sun, fancy right?! The table was definately an investment, but so worth it!

I might be the only person who started decorating in the dining room, but that’s where everything began.
dining room
After deciding on the table I knew I didn’t want our open concept home to have primarily rustic feel, so bringing in some other textures and materials would be essential. I spent tons of time shopping online and browsing different chair styles. These were two of my favorites...
Gigi solid wood dining chair
dining room
Harrison Matte solid wood dining chair

After consulting with Cheryl and learning all about the importance of chair heights to go with your table (yes, 1 inch actually makes a huge difference!) we ended up choosing these beauties. I love the modern feel and lightness to the chairs. They are surprisingly quite comfortable and not as cold on the behind as I thought they would be.
dining room
There were two other major elements to choose for this space - the light fixture and the curtains. I’ll tell you more about the curtains when we chat about the living room, so... moving onto the light fixture...

During one of my trips to Carpet Ranch Cheryl pointed out this light and asked what I thought of it for the space. My eyes lit up immediately and I knew it was coming home with me one way or another. The modern and shiny “branch” look was a fabulous way to tie the chairs and the table together and would later be the inspiration for the rest of the light fixtures being replaced in our open concept home.
dining room

I am super happy with how the dining room turned out and can’t end this post without showing you the before, during and after. Quite a difference isn’t there?!
dining room
the dining room - before we bought the house
dining room
move in day
dining room
the day after move in day
And finally... the big reveal!!!

dining room

dining room

dining room

dining room

dining room

Shop this room:

Table - Acacia Freeform by Colibri Lifestyle, call Cheryl at Carpet Ranch and say you're interested in Jenna's table to make finding this table as simple as possible! 1-506-548-8881 (and yes, she can arrange shipping to just about anywhere!)

Chairs - Galvanized metal dining chairs by Monarch Specialties, Cheryl

Light Fixture - Modern branch chandelier by Eurohome Lighting, and yes, you guessed it... call Cheryl

Curtains - Drapes by Casa Mia, and for the last time... call Cheryl

Dinnerware - Pacific Collection by Royal Doulton. Plates, tapas plates, tapas bowls & mugs and next on my list to add to my collection are the larger bowls

Paint Color - "Whooping Crane" from Beauti-Tone's National Parks of Canada collection 

What do you think of the dining room? Have you ever used a table as an inspirational piece?

Until the next room...

Xo Jenna

My shoes for that: Tory Burch Minnie travel flats, like the table - they are an investment, but oh so worth it!
dining room

** This post was NOT sponsored, but I love giving shout outs to people who provide great service and advice such as Cheryl at Carpet Ranch located in my home region in northern New Brunswick, Canada **

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mission Hill Family Estate Reserve Rosé

rose all day
Name: Mission Hill Family Estate Reserve Rosé
Varietal: Rosé
Country: Canada (British Columbia)
Vintage: 2016
Price: $24

Why did I decide to try this wine? My family and I spent our big vacation this year doing a Canada inspired road trip to celebrate Canada 150. Along the way we ended up in the Okanagan Valley, one of Canada's most well known wine regions... so, as every good set of parents would do we took our 22 month old on a mini-wine tour. Mission Hill winery was at the top of my list to visit and when a rosé was on the tasting list I figured I would give it a try.

Would I prefer one glass or indulge in the bottle? Bottle. Which is quite surprising to me because I typically don't care for rosé. I love the saying "rosé all day", but the wine usually doesn't do much for me. This rosé has sky-rocketted to the top of my rosé list!

What shoes would I wear drinking this wine? Rose gold Keds for Kate Spade sparkle sneakers (I have always wanted an excuse to buy these, haven't you?!)

How would I describe the wine? This particular rosé isn't too sweet which I think is the number one reason I enjoyed it. It felt more like a dry white wine with a good amount of body and yet, wasn't bitter at all. It smelled sweeter than it tasted with hints of cotton candy and melons.

mission hill
If you're going to "Rosé all Day" you're to need flat fancy sneakers!

Monday, October 23, 2017

How to get steps in at work {and still be a productive employee}

how to get steps
Wellness week in New Brunswick, Canada is celebrated the first week of October. So although we are all drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes and indulging in our favorite Pumpkin Spice Scones the week is to remind us about all things WELLNESS.

We celebrated the week this year at work by making healthy snacks for the other employees (smoothies), having a healthy lunch catered, doing a yoga session to learn about stretches that can be done in our office chairs and last but certainly not least we were all given Fitbits!

I have had a Fitbit since Christmas 2015, but now I feel so special to have this fancy new Fitbit Charge 2 that not only counts my steps and monitors my sleeping but also monitors my heart rate, counts flights of stairs and looks pretty cool!

Now that my colleagues and I are all doing our best to meet our daily step goals I thought it was timely to give my 5 best tips for getting a few extra steps in during the work day while still be the most productive employee in the office:

1) Stand up while on the phone - Yes, you will look silly but if you stand while speaking on the phone you can easily get 100 steps just by pacing in your office or marching while you talk. Tip: to make this easier use a headset or headphones

2) Use the central printer/photocopier - Many of us have printers in our offices but taking the 20 steps to the photocopier room and 20 steps back again will add up over the course of the day.

3) March, march, march - We don't realize how many times a day we just stand and wait for something, but it happens a lot! For example: making copies (10, 1 page copies gave me 40 steps), making coffee (140 steps while waiting for my coffee to brew), etc.

4) Have a question? Go ask in person - We are all lazy by nature and figure it is easier to call or email the person two offices away rather than taking the 20 steps to go ask your question in person. Go ask in person! The 10 second walk is not lost time, it would have taken just as much time for them to answer the phone... Plus, isn't it nice to see people face-to-face every now and then?!

5) Use your Lunch Break - We have 30 minutes for lunch which is enough time to eat, but if you get into a chat it's tough to do anything else in the time allocated. Why not eat quickly and go for a stroll with the colleague you are chatting with? A win-win for everyone!

Have a fantastic & productive week everyone!

My shoes for that: Ruffle Flats (great for work and comfortable for getting in a few extra steps)
steps at work

A special thank you to our President & CEO for recognizing the importance of wellness and healthy lifestyles for all employees. Christmas certainly came early this year!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

5 Reasons to Attend BlogJam Atlantic

BlogJam is in 17 days!! While it seems like time is quite literally slipping by I am still super pumped about all things fall - pumpkin spice, baby birthday parties, BlogJam and more.

Last year was my first year attending BlogJam. I was scared to death before going not having any idea what to expect and being intimidated by the other bigger and better bloggers that would be there. I wasn't prepared for how much I would learn about myself, the community that I would officially become part of and that I would discover that I really am am blogger.

Fast forward to this year and I'm super pumped to see familiar faces again, meet new people and most of all learn. Blogging is typically a one man/woman show and trying to keep up with everything can be a bit overwhelming. At these types of events not only can you learn from the pros, but you can find ways to make your blogging time more efficient and your posts more effective.

What is BlogJam?
"The existing community of bloggers in Atlantic Canada is rich and varied in subject matter, experience, and expertise. BlogJam 2017 aims to facilitate an event in which this community can come together to create, share, and engage in and about all topics related to blogs, bloggers, and blogging, in a positive, inclusive atmosphere."

Why should I go to BlogJam?

1) Networking, in real life!- I am not an expert blogger by any means but I know almost all of what I know because of the network I have around me. Meeting other bloggers (in real life) will no only help you but it will also inspire you to be the est blogger you can be. which leads me to the next point...

2) Connect with local brands - You may or may not be at the stage where this is a priority for you, but let me tell you it is awesome to meet local brands, get to know their products and understand just how much of an impact you have as a blogger and an influencer. Keep your eyes out for these special guests!

3) Amazing speakers - This year the team at BlogJam has really outdone themselves and have attracts an outstanding line up. From Tiffany, to Kayla, to Crystal (only to name a few) the agenda looks absolutely amazing! Be sure to have a look at the agenda ahead of time, plan your route and get to see the speakers/topics that make the top of your list.

4) Blogspiration - Last year I left BlogJam feeling full of inspiration and with a whole list of new ideas, new goals and a whole new confidence to make it happen. I would love nothing more than for you to attend and get that very same inspiration for your blog!

5) Increase your confidence - Speaking of confidence in the last point, let me elaborate... I went to BlogJam last year feeling like I wasn't a really blogger. I didn't really know what to say when people asked what my blog was and I was pretty shy about talking about "There's a Shoe for That" in general. By the time I left BlogJam I knew what to say when people asked and I was feeling very confinement about what I was doing, what I was writing and why I was doing it. Pretty cool, right?!

*BONUS* - You will get to meet me! I'd love to connect even before the conference and start to get to know you a little better - feel free to message me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so we can connect on Social Media. I am really looking forward to meeting you whether you have been blogging for a decade or started this month :)

See you all in 17 days!!

My shoes for that: Classic Black Glitter TOMS (These are Renee's recommended conference shoes - perfect for running around, fashionable and they support a cause. A win win win shoe choice!)


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Barton & Guestier Sancerre

Name: Barton & Guestier Sancerre
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Country: France
Vintage: 2012
Price: $30+

Why did I decide to try this wine? During one of my trips to Paris I was introduced to this wine (well, Sancerre...maybe not this specific one, since Sancerre is an appellation) and fell in love with it. I had never seen it at the liquor store in New Brunswick until about a year ago. Due to the price tag is is definitely a "special occasion" wine for me, so the Mr. and I paired it with our "go to" special occasion dinner and enjoyed it in celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary recently.

Would I prefer one glass or indulge in the bottle? Bottle. Any wine I label a "go to" deserves the "bottle" classification.

What shoes would I wear drinking this wine? Since we enjoyed it while celebrating our anniversary I have to go with my wedding shoes (these shoes are no longer available but here are a few others to choose from in my post called "5 ways to make wedding planning stress free".

How would I describe the wine? This wine is just the right blend of fruitfulness and dryness. In my notebook I wrote "delightful". Thankfully is was worth the price tag and tasted just as I remembered it. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Choose Your Battles

choose your battles

It finally happened. 

Since the time I found out I was having a boy my sister has been saying that she hopes he becomes one of those kids who becomes completely obsessed with a superhero costume. 

This is not quite a super hero costume, but for my Little Dude it might as well be. 

choose your battles

He has been head over heels in love with his two pairs of monkey jammies ever since they were brought home from the Moncton Multiples Spring Sale. He asked for them, he cries when other jammies are suggested and quite frankly he even sleeps better with them on. 

They have almost become his security blanket of sorts and a constant for him. Heck, he even wore them the day he went for his day surgery and was such a champ!

But not long ago, it happened. He wouldn't get dressed. I know you are all thinking I could have made him get dressed... after all I am much bigger than he is and should be the boss. Well, my back was sore and I really just didn't have the gumption to have a fight at 7am as we were trying to get out the door in our way to daycare/work. So, off he went to daycare in his monkey jammies happy as can be with his clothes packed in his back pack. 
choose your battles

When I dropped him off I said "so, he didn't want to get dressed..." and to my surprise I didn't get a disapproving look or lecture on dressing my kid before he leaves the house. Instead the response I received was "you have to choose your battles, not a big deal! We will dress him later if he wants to"

Fast forward to the end of the day - Little Dude was picked up still wearing his monkey jammies and still happy as can be. 

Moral of the story - Lise was 100% right. Choose your battles. It wasn't going to hurt anyone if he wore his monkey jammies to daycare and it made him happy... 

PS He happily wore his clothes the next day since he wore non-monkey jammies to sleep the night before. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

House Hunting Check List

check list

Decisions, decisions, decisions. But do you really know what you're looking for!?

House hunting is super fun, but it can also be a little overwhelming. After-all it is likely the largest purchase of your life!

Throughout the process of finding our home I made a check list for each and every house. Side Note: If you know me you know I have a check list for everything or a spreadsheet, or both... In fact, I even carried a little note pad with me during the house tours so I could jot things down as I saw them. Even though you can take some pictures and go back to the online listing it becomes difficult to remember if you thought the secondary bathroom in any given house was amazing, needed some love or was down right terrible. Believe me, you are going to be thankful you took notes!

Keeping a list of our "must have" and our "nice to have" elements was incredibly handy. When we were touring houses it was easy to forget that I really wanted to live somewhere that I could easily go for a walk or that I didn't want to live without a proper front entrance and closet. It was easy to get swept up in the feel of a new house, see everything it had to offer and forget about the little things that were on my "I can't live without" list. What is important to me might not be all that important to you, so it is crucial (in my opinion anyway) to really sit down and think about what YOU want. I have left space in my checklist for you to fill in your own items, but in case you would like some inspiration, here is what my list looked like:

Things I can't live without:
  • Front entrance with closet
  • Location (street) good for walking
  • 3 bedrooms (minimum)
  • Low maintenance yard
  • Ample storage
Things I would love:
  • Garage
  • Paved Driveway
  • Air Conditioning
  • Extra living space for a "play room"
  • Ensuite bathroom

check list
(don't forget to share this image on Pinterest!)

After you get through all the things you can't live without and the things you would love make sure to have a very good look at the general condition of the house. In my case just because a house has an entrance wouldn't make it the house if it didn't have a good foundation, roof, etc. So although you have your list, don't forget the really important things!

And now, for what it's worth I am going to lend you some advice when you are house hunting... Keep an open mind and really get the feeling of the house. Imagine yourself at Christmas, imagine having a family dinner and most of all imagine sitting on the couch relaxing with a glass of wine. If the space doesn't feel right or you can't picture yourself being you - move on to the next spot no matter how many check marks the house has.

After months of house hunting, furniture shopping and planning we are finally almost ready to reveal a few of the makeovers we have done in our new home. Check out what it looked like before we bought it and stay tuned for the updates coming your way!

My shoes for that: Charlie's favourite dress shoes from Boston Shoe Company
check list

check list
Charlie and I had so much fun working together we decided "why stop once the house closed ?"- a special thank you for sponsoring this post and helping me share my story with other home buyers. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.