Friday, December 22, 2017

Holiday Sangria

holiday sangria
You all know that I love wine and will be indulging in some of my favorites this holiday season, but sometimes a holiday cocktail is just the thing to dress up a table. Any excuse to have a fancy drink that can also be modified as a non-alcoholic beverage is a good one in my opinion. 

Here is a super easy, but also super fancy recipe for you to enjoy this holiday season:

Holiday Sangria
Makes 8L
4L Box of Chardonnay (used Wallaroo Trail – box)
2L Cranberry Cocktail Juice
1.5L Club Soda
¾ Cup Sugar

Add cranberries, chopped red delicious apples (can be alternated with green pears) sprigs of rosemary. Let sit at least 2 hours before serving.
Garnish with sugared rosemary for a holiday look -

Wet sprigs of rosemary with water, roll in sugar and add to glass!
holiday sangria
Non Alcoholic Version (2 smaller mason jars)
Replace Chardonnay with non alcoholic sparkling cider. Strawberry Apple was used here and it was delicious!
holiday sangria

My Shoes for That: Ted Baker London Skalett Pump
ted baker pumps

Special thank you to Jana Doucet Photography for sharing her recipe 
with me (and now you!) as well as these beautiful photos.

holiday sangria

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Our Family's Christmas Eve

Christmas morning has always been particularly special, but for as long as I can remember I have looked forward to Christmas Eve. It is the one night that cannot be replicated because of the meal being served, the people involved and the sheer magic of the evening. 

This post is part of a Maritime Blog Hop celebrating Christmas Eve traditions in our families and our communities that we hold near and dear to our hearts. At the bottom of my post you will find links to the other posts - be sure to hop through to each one.
family christmas traditions
Looking back at old photos made me realize just how special of a night it really is and how much it means to me. I am so thrilled now that I am a mom that we get to add to our family traditions and create new traditions for Little Dude to cherish.

Follow me down memory lane and I'll tell you all about our family's Christmas Eve...
Family Christmas Eve
We have done the same thing every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember and even before I can remember. And, as the oldest grandchild, both Little Dude and I get to share the being the inspiration for traditions that would shape our family for years and years and years to come.
Family Christmas Eve
Being the oldest grandchild for me has always been special. I have a special connection with my grandparents that I can't really explain and although it might sound self-centred I love looking back at these early photos when I was the only little one there.
Family Christmas Eve
Traditions are something we know, something that's in us and for me on Christmas Eve its all about going to Grammy & Papa's house and enjoying my family.
Family Christmas Eve
Welcoming my little brother was so fun (or so I'm told). After-all being the only kid at the party gets old after a few years.
Family Christmas Eve
But the tradition of going to Grammy & Papa's house has always stayed the same no matter if there was a change in the menu, a new addition to the family.
Family Christmas Eve
We do pretty much the same things every year. 
We arrive at Grammy & Papa's house just before dinner to the sweet aroma of seafood casserole. It is very Atlantic Canadian of us, but it is a special meal that we all enjoy only once a year. It is so delicious my mouth is watering just telling you about it.
Family Christmas Eve
We have WAY too many desserts. And the funny thing about it is that every year the big debate is "what will we have for dessert" and through a series of indecisive compulsive worrying that there won't be enough, everyone brings something that makes it that there is an over abundance of desserts every single time. The Doucet's all have a sweet tooth though so really, there can't ever be too many desserts.
Family Christmas Eve
After dinner we open gifts from Grammy & Papa as well as Aunts and Uncles from that side of the family. The gift part is so much fun when there are little kids around... Little Dude is the star of the show now, but a little more than 20 years ago these two little dolls (my sister and cousin who are 6 months apart in age) below were the entertainment!
Family Christmas Eve
After the gifts are opened and the wrapping paper is all cleaned up, we take family pictures. Just the boys with Papa, just the girls with Gram, each individual family and so on and so forth. 
Family Christmas Eve
We always complain about the family pictures (all the kids that is, and Gram, haha) but it's at times like these that it is so special to look back and have the pictures year after year to see how we've grown as a family, as individuals and also to notice all of the additions we've welcomed over the years.
Family Christmas Eve

Family Christmas Eve-GRAM
In 2015 we welcomed Little Dude into our Christmas Eve traditions and started a small one with him.
Family Christmas Eve

Family Christmas Eve
Of course we take a family photo...
Family Christmas Eve
And, of course he leaves milk and cookies for Santa...

We started taking a picture of our toes with our new jammies that Mrs. Claus delivers to us on Christmas Eve. You see, we alternate where we are for Christmas each year so I wanted something that we could do no matter where we are and that we can collect for out little family of three.
Family Christmas EveFamily Christmas Eve
This year, Can't wait to do all of these very same things!

We are adding a "Christmas Light Tour" drive to out itinerary this year and plan to make it an annual tradition with Little Dude. But, most of all the entire Christmas season is about family (and food!). It's about the people you are with no matter what day the calendar says it is, the season of giving and love, the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus and being thankful that we have each other to celebrate with each and every year. 
Family Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve 2015
My Shoes for That: Toronto Maple Leaf Slippers
If you know me, you know I must love my Papa an awful lot to promote Toronto Maple Leafs gear! But as you can see in the picture above, he always has on his latest Toronto Maple Leaf slippers for the Christmas Eve celebrations.
toronto maple leaf slippers

Now that you know exactly what I'll be up to on December 24th - hop on over to see what my fellow Maritime Blogging friends and their families will be doing :) All the links are below.

Monday, December 11, 2017

All The Gift Guides

gift guide

At this time of the holiday season if you haven't started shopping, you need to at least start thinking about it!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Recipe Shorts: Delicious Dishes in 140 Characters

Quick, simple, convenient and delicious.
recipe shorts

I haven't made time to cook a proper meal in quite some time. There are a million excuses I could give you and all of them quite valid... The Mr. and I have been travelling for work, I didn't have time to make a grocery list, frozen lasagnas are just easier, cooking makes such a mess and takes so much time to do well... and the list goes on and on.

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All of these excuses are not only true, they are my reality as a working mom - this is the moment when you nod your head and say "Amen, sister!". 

I know, we are all busy and cooking elaborate meals doesn't top the priority list anymore without something else equally (or even more) important suffering. Like, who has time to whip up homemade parsley pesto linguini after work, before bath and bedtime while still finding 5 minutes to play with that little person running around the house?!

This was all true until about 3 weeks ago...