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pipe mountain coaster
Revelstoke is an incredible ski town located in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada in Mount Revelstoke National Park.

Known as one of the best skiing mountains in the world, Revelstoke has superb winter tourism. We were there in the off season during our family vacation where we drove from Calgary to Vancouver and had a blast everywhere in between. We stayed in Revelstoke for 1 night at the beautiful Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Side note: You can stay here for a really great price in the off season!

The resort is also home to The Pipe Mountain Coaster which quickly became one of our favorite things to do in Revelstoke. Basically you sit on a device that follows a pipe track down the mountain. You control your speed by the lever in front of you, but this is quite a ride! I didn’t really understand why they sold single and double rides, but after going down the mountain once it made complete sense... it’s the kind of ride you are going to want to try again (or on the contrary, might never want to do again! Haha)
pipe mountain coaster

My only regret was not having a go-pro on my head to capture the experience - luckily there are some great videos online to give you an idea of what it’s like.

It doesn’t look that bad from the pictures, but to give you a bit of perspective you can see the pipe in this picture taken from the gondola and the arrow next to the resort is where you end up.
mountain pipe coaster
Here is a video to give you a great idea of the ride you're in for...

Little Dude was too small to try it so he rode the gondola up and down the mountain a few times as the Mr and I each took a turn. He was pretty thrilled to go up and down the gondola.
boy in revelstoke
If you’re in Revelstoke, give this a try... it was a lot of fun and a unique experience with great views the whole way up and down.
family in revelstoke

My shoes for that: Birkenstock Women's Madrid Sandals in Pipe Mountain Coaster Yellow
birkenstock women sandals

This post was not sponsored - it was an activity we wanted to try, 
we loved it and wanted to share it with all of you.

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