Announcing Number Two

5:30:00 AM
Cue movie trailer music & movie trailer voice...

Life was becoming normal, familiar almost, there was only 15 and a half years left before Landon moved out of the house... but then the parents had an idea.

What if they added something to the mix, something to bring them back to the sleepless nights, diapers and poop explosions they were finally over. 

What if they added another player to the team?

From the people that brought you "Landon Lawrence", Brad and Jenna are about to embark on their biggest adventure yet - PARENTS... AGAIN!

pregnancy announcement

A Team MacDonald production starring Brad as "Daddy", Jenna as "Mommy" and guest starring Landon (aka Little Dude) as "Big Brother".

Thank you to my iPhone and Tripod camera remote for capturing this lovely (completely staged) moment & to the Mr. and Little Dude for the most amazing expressions on request.


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