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Beauty and the Beast

Even though I have been on the go a lot lately and have seemingly so many things to tell you guys - like how our bathroom is finally done, give you an update on my pregnancy for Baby #2, fill you in on the details from our recent road trip around the Bras D'or Lakes trail and the list goes on... I found myself struggling to decide what to write about until I saw this instagram post from The Fun Employed Family travelling in Alsace, France and I was instantly reminded of the pure joy I felt experiencing the Be Our Guest restaurant at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Is dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant worth it?
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I think most people, including myself struggle with trying to decide if eating at Be Our Guest is worth it based on the price and the time out commitment out of your day and then secondly are all wondering if having dinner is really worth it? Dinner is typically the most expensive meal of the day no matter what restaurant you are eating at so a bargain hunter will always tell you to eat breakfast at the fancier restaurant if you want to have an experience without the price tag, BUT in this case I would strongly disagree. 

To be fair, I have only eaten at Be Our Guest once and it was completely by chance (although I prefer to think it was mean to be...) that we were able to get a last minute dinner reservation for 4 people at 9pm the day before we went to Magic Kingdom. You might think 9pm was a weird time for me to be excited about, but I am the type of traveler that hates to miss anything and so 9pm was PERFECT for our group. We were able to watch the fireworks, and the lightship on Cinderella's castle before heading in for dinner. Then, on the way out we were some of the last people in the park so we had a crowdless walk through the park and could enjoy the lights and revel in the experience.
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The Atmosphere
From the moment you walk into the Beasts' castle you feel like you're in the movie. We were seated in the ball room which was simply magical. It was exactly as you would hope it to be. The only thing missing was being served by Mrs. Pots herself or having Lumier serenade your dinner.

One thing to keep in mind, the windows do not actually look out onto the rest of the park. So if you have dinner reservations during the fireworks you will miss the show.

The restaurant itself is divided into three dining rooms (the Ball Room, Bell's Library and the West Wing) that you are free to walk around once you have finished eating. Make sure you take a few minutes to see all of the rooms, they are all special in their own way. 
beauty and the beast

beauty and the beast

beauty and the beast

beauty and the beast

The Experience
I am not the most expressive person in the world, but I think we can all agree that my face says it all. 
Beauty and the Beast

Having dinner at Be Our Guest is the only place you get to meet and take a picture with the Beast (and in my case go in for the real deal...a huge hug!). Up until that night I didn't realize how much that meant to me, but it really felt just as magical as the night I saw the movie for the first time at a drive-in theatre when I was 6 years old; I get giddy just thinking about it.

The Food
The experience lived up to everything I thought it would be and more but the cheery on the cake was really the food. I had low expectations for the food based on reviews I read ahead of time where people suggested it wasn't fabulous and not necessarily "worth it". I strongly disagree and was very happy and satisfied with the quality of the meal, the variety of food offered and the price.

All four of us ordered appetizers, a fancy drink of some kind (some even with a commemorative cup).
be our guest restaurant

be our guest restaurant

be our guest restaurant

I had the "grey stuff" for dessert, of course! It was not what I expected and was everything I expected all at the same time.
be our guest restaurant

be our guest restaurant

The Wine
I had no idea that Be our Guest has their very own private label wine collection from France, but I took full advantage and ordered the sampler in order to try three of the wines. You can read more about the wine tasting, but needless to say it was worth every penny. And, in case you are wondering the tasting cost me $20 USD. For an exclusive private label tasting with three wines I thought the price was very reasonable.

The Price
The price is going to be relative to what you're used to, the meal for all four of us which included fancy drinks, appetizers, main dishes and desserts as well as a 20% tip came to $330 USD. It was about $100 CAD each by the time the exchange went through - so by my standards this is what you would pay for what we had at a nice restaurant anywhere. I was impressed that we had the chance to meet the Beast, have a good meal and enjoy the experience of a lifetime for $100 CAD. In my opinion the money was well spent and I was actually impressed they didn't charge more.

Overall Experience
By this point in the post I think you know what I am going to say... I loved it, I  would do it again and recommend everyone having dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant at least once.

Have any of you been? Did you love it just as much as I did? 
I'd love to hear what you thought of the restaurant and the experience.

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  1. OMG! That looks like so much fun. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite... and who doesn't love a wine sampling?!?!?

  2. I loved the experience as well !! Especially with my favorites girls 💕💕💕


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