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fishing birthday partyWhen it comes to party planning I always say "I'm not going to go overboard" or "I'm just going to do a few little things" and by my standard I stick to that, but for those who are not crafty (or for those who are far more "normal" than I) I do go overboard and have way too much fun with decorating etc.
fishing theme party

This year was no exception and we brought Little Dude's Fishing Hole to life for his 3rd birthday celebration. The good news for all of you is that I saved the fish and food cutouts that I created and have them available for you to print the next time you have a fishing themed party to plan (It would also make a great baby shower theme... just saying!)

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We had a great day celebrating and hope this post gives you all some inspiration for your next party.
fishing birthday party

fishing birthday party
I love creating a backdrop for pictures and decorating that area almost as though it is a photo booth. Little Dude was too cute and made sure to sit on "his bench" when it was git opening time.

fishing birthday party

fishing birthday party

fishing birthday party

fishing birthday party

fishing birthday party

fishing birthday party
The mini cupcakes were perfect for Little Dude's friend birthday party! The perfect amount, less mess and fast serving for this mama making a bunch of 2-4 year olds pretty happy. Of course, there were big cupcakes for everyone too just in case they wanted a larger portion (as Little Dude did...haha)

fishing birthday party
The cake was served at the Family party (in the evening) and was from Lekker Bakery; if you want to treat yourself, I highly recommend her cakes as well as her macaroons! I made the cake topper from the smallest fish cut outs in my fishing theme party printables, jute rope (or twine) and two twigs from a tree outside.

xo Mommy

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         fishing theme party  fishing theme party


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    1. Thanks Gina! I always love seeing your creations and party themes

  2. Fun birthday party and beautiful decorations as always👍😍


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