How to get your car ready for winter

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Change your tires... OK, I get it everyone is going to tell you to change your tires and put winter ones on. In fact depending on where you live you might be obligated to do this by law in order to drive through the winter season and avoid hefty fines. But, did you know you can order, change and store your tires at Hatheway Ford?

Maybe I was naive, but I actually didn't know some car dealerships did this. It is a huge advantage just for the storage aspect (which they charge a very small fee for) to not have to take the summer tires home, find a place to store them and carry them out of the car. Storage room you can now use for more Christmas decorations, outdoor toys, patio furniture and much more fun things than tires!

Usually we only think of preparing our cars when we are going on a road trip, but let me tell you, there are a few little things you'll be happy to get in the habit of doing even if your work commute is a few kilometres.
If you're getting ready for a winter road trip be sure to load up on essentials that will tie you over in case of traffic delays in the cold, battery packs, blankets, a candle/match, windshield wash (the winter kind!) and of course always keep your gas tank as full as possible during winter travel.

Here are a few more tips and a look in the trunk of my car...

Now it's your turn... what do you do to get your car ready for the winter? 
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  1. I always keep my gas tank at or above half a tank , also winter windshield wipers are a must.
    Nicole Blanchard

  2. Great video Jenna..I do most of those things but the extra windsheild wiper I never thought of! Thanks!

    1.'s actually Lise and I cannot change the spelling of my name

  3. I get my tires changed, and I load my car with Essentials that might be needed in case.


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